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Our Building Information Modelling solutions

BIM (Building Information Modelling) by BIMMAKER provides solutions for effective project and construction information management by streamlining processes and providing infrastructure and expertise.


We deliver traditional and laser scanning surveys as BIM models. These are a starting point for architects to begin working on a BIM project and are perfect for works on existing buildings

BIM modelling

We provide building information models merging architectural, structural and MEP disciplines and linking them to project data

Special Components Modeling

We create BIM models for manufacturers converting their design into a model associated with product information. compatible with BIM programs and platforms

Who we work for

BIM technology (Building Information Modelling, information modelling in construction) provides effective data management for a building object to halve the design deadlines, visualize in detail the interiors and exteriors in virtual reality, simplify maintenance of the finished object and extend its service life.

Architects and Interior Designers

We help architects deliver projects in conformity with BIM standards enhancing the quality of results and helping them create effective processes

  • Project Modelling
  • Quantity Estimating and Costing
  • Building Analysis and Simulation
  • Office BIM implementation
  • Training & Support
  • Digital Surveying and Scan to BIM

Contractors and Organizations

We support contractors during the construction process to minimize the costs and reduce the risk of errors by Building Information Models

  • Information Management
  • BIM Coordination
  • BIM Consultancy
  • Project Planning and Logistics Sequencing
  • As-Built Models


We create libraries of fully parametrical models and help manufacturers insert their content to BIM platforms and online libraries increasing the visibility of products and reaching more professionals around the world

  • Creation of custom libraries
  • Special components modeling
  • Product Data Standardization
  • Marketing & Sharing

About BIM

BIM technology is based on a three-dimensional model linked to information. The BIM model is made of virtual elements corresponding to real construction elements with various physical and analytical parameters.

These elements are digital prototypes of walls, floors, windows, doors, stairs, and so on. They compose a computer model complete of information necessary to analyse processes that will take place in a building even before its construction begins. The direct correspondence between information and the model secures a reliable output of documentation such as construction drawings, quantities and cost estimates.

Smart design

The centralized storage of all data in the BIM model leads to an instant reflection of any changes in all its views, such as floor plans, sections or facades. Such an approach not only increases the speed of creating documentation, but also prevents the possibility of design errors by automatically coordinating various types of construction elements.


BIM technology provides complete transparency for all participants: general contractors, management companies, regulatory bodies and future users. Automated control over the construction site helps to minimize the risks of delays, increase the performance and reduce material waste.


The use of BIM for facility management is of interest for leading property owners who want to have full control and transparency making the most of the possibilities offered by the methodology. For this, it is necessary to define the shared work environment to foster collaboration and exchange of information between all the actors involved, starting from the design and construction phase. This helps to reduce the time spent on management activities and to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

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